Community Arts Directory

Below is a directory of our resident professional-artists who deliver workshops for schools and community groups.

Workshops at Kindred Studios will be delivered in our beautiful indoor and outdoor workshops that are currently under development! Content will be developed in collaboration with schools & community groups, the artists and Louise, our experienced community engagement lead, who will also work with schools & community groups to raise funds. 

Artists are also available to deliver workshops outside the studios, artists fees are £100 per half-day (4hrs) + materials, payable directly to the artist. It may be possible to hire tools and equipment from Kindred. 

If you would like further details get in touch

Camilla Brendon

In her practice Camilla explores a lifelong fascination with urban, natural, cultural and emotional environments. She investigates forms and patterns taken from the aforementioned. The vibrant colours found during various travels have left a lasting impression on her mind. She now pairs these memories with natural patterns, to form bright paintings with bold shape. 

The use of colour, form and experimentation with materials are factors that unite Camilla’s various ways of working. Sustainability, recycling and the reusing of objects has long been part of Camilla’s practice. She seeks surfaces and artifacts that have had a previous use or life and reworks them.

Camilla has delivered workshops for all ages; family, youth groups and adults. Her workshops normally explore themes that relate to her practice, including installing art in public places and working with found and recycled objects. 


Ted Houghton

Ted is a knitwear and textile designer, with clients including Topshop, Topman, Gucci, Christopher Kane and Simone Rocha; he is also a part-time senior Associate Lecturer in Fashion Textiles at Middlesex University, specialising in Knitted textiles & Fashion Knitwear, teaching up to M.A. level. Ted has 18 years experience teaching all ages, from 8 to 80, often working with groups with learning & physical disabilities. He proficient in hand and machine knit, with extensive knowledge of colour and fibres which he applies in creative and commercial ways. Ted visits Pitti Filati, an international trade fair in Florence, twice a year to visit yarn manufacturers , look at colour and knit trends and find inspiration. 


Tina Crawford

Tina works primary in free machine embroidery. "I stitch like I speak- very fluid and embracing mistakes". Tina's ideas come from everyday life, she is currently working on pieces around identity, a quilt made out of crisp packets and chocolate wrappers called ‘Comfort Blanket’.

Tina studied jewellery at central St Martins before going to work in television as a researcher, she worked on children’s BBC flagship Art Show creating the 'Makes' for Zoe Ball alongside giant aerial view pictures, and worked on other children’s programmes. Tina returned to art when she  became disabled and has been a full time artist since 2000, creating bespoke pieces for Museum & gallery shops. 

Tina has also worked as a primary teaching assistant and has a 10 year old son, Toby. 


Olivia Streeton

Olivia's work is intuitive and derives from images she finds and imagines.


Alice Smith

Alice studied textiles at Chelsea school of Art, then went on to specialise in knitwear on the MA Fashion course at Central St Martins. Alice's label was chosen as part of Selfridges 'Bright Young Things'. Alice has an artisanal approach, with a keen eye for detail and finishing, creating beautiful hand-crafted pieces with a strong focus on knit and surface decoration. The use of various materials such as leather, sourced vintage needlepoint tapestries and recycled fabrics, combined with hand knitted textiles.. 

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Ingrid Berthon-Moine

The starting point of Ingrid's artistic work is the body because, well, we all have one. Ingrid use sculptures and drawings to create a spacial awareness of the body and to decipher the emotions that the corporal envelop might hide: how do we feel joy, pain, happiness and how it is transmitted to our body.

"As well as being an artist, I am also a mother. I use art as an activity to open up a dialogue, a safe space for the children to talk about their daily life or feelings as they go along with their young lives. I'm always happily surprised about how peaceful and more receptive a child becomes when immersed in art making. I do believe that all children are artists, it is natural for them to play and express themselves without any censorship. It is an opportunity for them to relax, to communicate, to shine and to be themselves."


Rachna Garodia

Rachna is a Textile Designer making hand embroidered and handwoven textiles, her work is informed by observing the natural world, constantly changing, yet still. Rachna's tapestries seek to bring the “outside” in, evoking the simple pleasures of a woodland walk, changing seasons or just inspirations from nature around me. I have a raw, experimental approach in my constructed textiles where I knot, wrap and loop yarns juxtaposing them with found materials like paper, fabric, plastic, metal and precious nature finds like leaves, bark, seed pods, grass and flowers. In my embroidery I explore simple stitches and hand applique to bring forms of birds and human faces to life.

Rachna trained at the National Institute of Design in India and her first collection of modern textiles woven by a traditional weaving community was exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai, she has gone one to work on commissions for architects and Interior designers in, creating large-scale works for hotels, residences shops and offices. After moving to London in 2006 Rachna studied Technical hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework and has some experience working in schools.

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Julie Goldsmith_February_2018-13736.jpg
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Yusuf Osman

Yusuf makes bespoke leather bags for private clients all over the world. He currently teaches leather-working in at a secondary school.

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sarah edwards

Sarah works as a set designer for London Fashion Week and has recently completed a course in Fine Art Photography at Westminster University. Over the past 14 years Sarah has taught drawing skills in schools and universities, and on teacher training programs, she has developed a wide range of workshops to build confidence and creativity through drawing.  


Chiara Grifantini

Chiara’s bespoke textiles are home decor statement pieces. Whether displayed as wall hangings, commissioned fabrics, or homeware textiles such as cushions and bedspreads, these hand-painted, often botanically inspired pieces, are a synthesis of fine art, exquisite craftsmanship and high design.

Typically made of natural materials, such as linen, raw silk, hemp and cotton, Chiara uses both freehand and metallic foil techniques to create these visual oases. While her work exists in many sizes, in some ways they are most breathtaking when viewed at scale, making the time consuming labor required to execute each piece that much more poignant. Chiara’s aesthetic voice captures the unpredictability of nature, with a goal of creating works that make interiors feel like extensions of the natural world.