Kindred Studios was created in 2015 by two friends looking to set up their ceramic practice in West London. After a two year long search, they leased a space inside a disused vocational building in Ladbroke Grove.  Eager to be surrounded by other creatives, they held an open day inviting other artists and makers to come and see the rest of the site to potentially join them.

The scarcity of creative space in West London became apparent when within two days the entire 14,000 sq. ft building was filled with 95 creatives, across a wide range of disciplines in the Arts, many of whom had previously been working from their kitchens, sheds and bedrooms.

Within weeks of moving into newly named ‘Kindred studios’, artists repainted the walls and hung their paintings in its long corridors. Each makerspace began to express the individuality of the creators working within them and a strong sense of community, kinship and pride began to take root. Kindred’s values of openness, commitment to work and talent created a unique and inspiring mix of individuals. 

Some artists began to bring their groups of young students to visit the studios and Kindred Makers talked about their craft.  The visits were so impactful that Kindred formalised the vocational tours and began to offer them to local colleges. Nowhere in London could young people engage with their futures across such a wide breadth of disciplines.

Kindred moved to its beautiful creative home in leafy Maida Hill in September 2017 and expanded its offer to include 175 artists and makers, an educational programme designed to inspire the next generation and frequent events, designed to harbour creativity in its neighbourhood and share the incredible talent that had previously laid seemingly dormant in West London. 

Four years on, Kindred continues to bring talented creatives together and nurtures the strong bonds between them. Kindred believes that this supportive network is essential to the happiness of its members and that it not only fosters continual learning but also helps artists produce their very best work.


We were recently informed that our creative home is going out to market to be sold and although it is sad, it has also presented us with the opportunity to make this beautiful building a permanent home. We are presently in full fundraising mode to make this dream a reality. Please help by spreading the word about our project. 


There are so many things that we want to achieve with this Kindred Studios but longevity is essential. In a place and time that values commercial above community, we plan to go against the grain and:

-Grow an abundant community garden on the entire school grounds that is open to the public. 

-Continue our campfire musical and poetry nights.

-Open a Victorian School Cafe and run community cooking classes.

-Have a permanent Art Shop which supports your local artists and makers.

-Continue working with schools and colleges with a particular focus on creative mentorship.

-Continue supporting West London Artists, we work better TOGETHER.